School Committee
Policy Number

Introduction to Policy Book Introduction
A Series – Foundation & Basic Components (100)
  Harassment, Bullying & Hazing 100-R
Wellness Policy 101-E
Federal Red Flag Rule 102-R-E
Background Check 103-R
Non-Discrimination Statement 104-R
B Series – Board Governance & Operations (200)
Evaluation of School Committee 200-E
School Committee Powers & Duties 201-R
Presentation of Diplomas 202
School Committee Member Authority 203
School Committee Member Resignation 204
Unexpired Term Fulfillment 205-R
School Committee Member Ethics 206-R
School Committee Reorganization 207
School Committee Officers 208
Subcommittee of the School Committee 209-E
Advisory Committees of the School Committee 210-R
School Councils 211
School Improvement Plans 212-E
Agenda Preparation and Dissemination 213
Agenda Format 214-E
Rules Governing Conduct & Admin. Of SC 215
Minutes 216-R
Public Participation at School Comm. Mtgs. 217
School Committee Policy Development 218
Use of Social Media by SC Members 219-R
New School Committee Member Orientation 220
C Series – General School Administration (300)
  Superintendent’s Goals 300-E
Evaluation of Superintendent 301-E
Organizational Chart 302-E
Student Handbook 303-R
D Series – Fiscal Management (400)
Budget Preparation & Development 400
Budget Reporting 401
Budget Implementation 402
Expense Reimbursement 403
E Series – Support Services (500)
Security of Buildings & Grounds 500-E
Transportation of Students 501
Motor Vehicle Idling 502-R
Collection of Payment 503-R
Crisis Plan 504
F Series – Facilities Development (600)
Excess School Dept. Property 600-E
G Series – Personnel (700)
Employee Handbook 700-E
Code of Conduct WPS Employees 701-E
Non-Rep 702-E
Conflict Resolution 703-E
Family & Medical Leave Act 704-R
H Series – Negotiations (800)
I Series – Instruction (900)
Equity of Curriculum Instruction 900
Parental Notification Relative to Sex Ed. 901-R
Class Size 902
Web Content Filtering 903-R
Field Trips 904-E
Internet Safety 905-R
Religious Holidays 906
Salute to Flag & Display of Same 907
Technology Plan 908-R
J Series – Students (1000)
Transfer Requests 1000
Entrance Age 1001
All Day Kindergarten 1002-(E)
Non-Resident Students 1003-(R)-(E)
Student Conduct 1004-R-E
Illegal Substances & Alcohol 1005
Creation of EC Activities in WPS 1006-E
Reporting to Authorities/Suspected Child Abuse 1007-R
Student Athletic Concussion 1008-R
Administering Medicines to Students 1009-R
Life Threatening Allergies in School Setting 1010-R
Student User Fees 1011-R
Physical Restraint of Students 1012-R
Homeless Students 1013-R
Early Childhood Center at Doyle School 1014
Assignment of Students to Schools 1015
K Series – Community Relations (1100)
People & Their District 1100
Hours for the Public 1101
Donor Recognition 1102-R
Gifts to School Personnel 1103-R
Use of School Facilities 1104-R
Distribution of Literature 1105
Acceptable Use 1106
Animals in Schools 1107
Parent Guide to Address Concerns in the Wakefield Schools 1108
Appointment of Support Staff in Concert with Booster Organizations 1109
Fundraising Activities 1110
L Series – Education Agency Relations (1200)
M Series – Miscellaneous (1300