Special Education


Lyn O’Neil
Director of Special Education and Student Services

Patricia Jackson


60 Farm Street
Wakefield, MA 01880


(781) 246-6416


(781) 224-5035

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Special Education Department, in collaboration and consultation with the TEAM, is to help students understand their learning differences and develop skills and compensatory strategies in order to become independent learners. We strive to bring together cooperative relationships, respect for individual differences, and the maintenance of a purposeful and rigorous academic program into all aspects of our services. We want our students to gain an understanding of their own learning style so that they can learn to advocate for themselves. Special Education staff work in a collaborative manner to develop ways to modify curriculum and assessment practices while maintaining high expectations. The goal is to present each student with challenging but attainable expectations and develop appropriate ways of assessing what students have learned.

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