Staff Directory

Name Title  Department  E-Mail
Armitage, Joshua Teacher English
Bankert, Thomas Director Performing/Visual Arts
Bardet, Sarah Teacher Science
Barrow, Daniel Teacher Science
Bavuso, Paul Teacher


Dept. Coordinator
Beebe, Arthur Director Guidance
Bennett, Paul Teacher Science
Bentz, Gary Paraprofessional
Berecz, Jonathan Teacher Visual Art
Berger, Cynthia Teacher Math
Bluth, Michael Teacher Social Studies
Bodnaruk, Jeanne Paraprofessional
Branco, Victor School Psychologist
Brazile, Kristen Teacher Science
Brennan, Patrick Teacher English
Maureen, Burgess Paraprofessional
Burke, Marlisa Teacher Health and Life Skills
Burns, Suzanne Counselor Guidance
Butler, David Custodian
Callanan, James Teacher


Dept. Coordinator
Carney, Sharon Teacher Math
Cerulo, Robert Custodian
Charie, Jill Teacher Alternative Program
Chrisos, Erin Teacher Social Studies
Cohn, Arlene Teacher World Language
Collins, Kristine Admin. Assistant Athletics
Conlon, Donna Coordinator Special Education
Conlon, Janice   Cafeteria
Connell, David Teacher Science
Connolly, Ann Teacher Math MSN
Connolly, Kimberly Teacher Math
Constantine, Chris Teacher Visual Art
Conway-Torelli, Caitlin Teacher Special Education
Cummings, Jessica Teacher Social Studies
Cummings, Steven Teacher Math
DeCecca, Martha Paraprofessional
DeVito, Maryann Paraprofessional
Dettorre, Augustus Teacher Alternative Program
Doren, Patricia Teacher Computer Science
Drinkwater, Allen Teacher English
Ellis, Diana Teacher Special Education
Fishman, Megan Teacher English
Fitzgerald, Barry Teacher Social Studies
Freeman, Felix Building Substitute
Gianatassio, Christopher Teacher

Health and Life Skills

Dept. Coordinator
Giannotti, Morgan Teacher Visual Arts
Gori, Christine Paraprofessional
Guttadauro, Paula Teacher Social Studies
Hagerty, Bridget Teacher English
Healey, Kathryn Counselor Guidance
Hennings, Peggy Teacher ELL
Hoover, William Teacher


Dept. Coordinator
Hughes, Beth Teacher English
Huynh, Nilsa Teacher World Language
Jarrell, Georgia Teacher World Language
Karvouniaris, William Teacher English
Kelly, Diana Librarian
Kessaris, John Teacher Learning Support Center John.
King, Kim Admin. Assistant Main Office
Kruszewski, Kacper Teacher English
Lacy, Susan Teacher Culinary Arts
Lamarre, Rebecca Teacher Science
Leonard, Anne   Cafeteria
Levene, Jason School Psychologist
LiPetri, Lucia Teacher World Language
Liberti, TJ Assistant Principal Administration
Lopez, Kathleen Teacher Social Studies
Macero, Kerri Teacher Math
Maci, Maryellen Teacher Math
Maffe, Dorothy Paraprofessional
Margollis, Kimberly Teacher English
Marshall, Jessica Teacher Social Studies
Martin, James Teacher Social Studies/Tech
Mathewson, Daniel Custodian
Matteo, Paul Teacher English
McCarthy, Matthew Custodian
McKenna, Margaret Teacher Visual Art
McKenna, Richard Counselor Guidance
Melanson, Kathleen Teacher Math
Metropolis, Richard Principal Administration
Molinari, Susan Paraprofessional
Moody, Andrew Teacher Social Studies
Morel, Ana Teacher Performing Art
Motassim, Redouane Teacher World Language
Nelson, Amy   Cafeteria
O’Brien, Jack Teacher Social Studies John.obrien@wpsk12org
O’Connell, Meghan Teacher Math
O’Connor, Susan Teacher Math
Pappavaselio, Chris Teacher Latin/English
Passerini, Joyce Admin. Assistant Guidance
Pesaturo, Laurie Admin. Assistant Principal’s Office
Prosperi, Sheri Teacher


Dept. Coordinator
Puglielli, Elisa Teacher English/Reading
Quint, Jonathan Teacher Math
Reed, Bridget Teacher World Language
Reilly, Ellen Teacher World Language
Reinoso, Ruben Teacher

World Language

Dept. Coordinator
Rivers, Gail   Cafeteria
Roberto, Kerrie Admin. Assistant Main Office
Robertson, Brian Counselor Guidance
Robinson, Harry Teacher Social Studies
Rozzi, Robert Teacher

Social Studies

Dept. Coordinator
Ryan, Deborah Nurse
Sardonini, Alison Teacher Science
Schilling, Joy Teacher

Visual Art

Dept. Coordinator
Sellers, Ann Paraprofessional
Silva, Lisa Teacher Health and Wellness
Simmonds, Jacqueline Teacher Business
Smith, Joseph Custodian
Snow, Jessica Teacher English
Thibodeau, Rachael Teacher Science
Trafficante, Gerrilyn Assistant Principal Administration
Trahan, Paul Teacher Social Studies
Uva, Paul Teacher Wellness
Villegas, Joel Teacher

World Language

METCO Director
Wettach, Gayle Paraprofessional
Widmer, Susan Teacher Science
Willett, Carol Paraprofessional
Winsor, Robert Custodian
Zerfas, Jason Teacher Science





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