Welcome to the Wakefield Public Schools District Backpack.  We’ll be posting fliers for districtwide events and town hosted events that might be of interest to Wakefield families.

9-11 – Join the Cub Scouts cnaperfitness@gmail.com
Join the Girl Scouts gsema.org/volunteer
KIDS Club – The Savings Bank
10-26 – Wakefield Wrestling Sign Ups mtryder67@gmail.com/rossickes@gmail.com
11-4 – Boston’s Inaugural Transportation YOU Boston Summit! Hands-on Interactive mentoring program that offers young girls ages 13-18 an introduction to a wide variety of transportation careers.
11-8 – SEPAC District Meet & Greet Galvin Middle School, 6:30-8:30 PM, rsvp: wakefieldsepac@gmail.com
3-16-18 – 14th Annual Casella Calendar Art Contest
5-17-18 – SEPAC Book Club wakefieldsepac@gmail.com